Thought Leadership Consulting

Today’s business climate rewards companies that value stake-holders in the wider society. Most global companies have programs for Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Government Relations. Doing this helps companies to build their brands, hire and retain good employees, and win co-operation from governments and NGOs.

With its track record of work for public sector agencies and its keen appreciation of business and social trends in emerging economies, Spire is well-positioned to develop thought leadership programs for companies.

Spire’s profile in terms of media commentary, press releases, white papers, business event speeches and our quarterly SpirE-Journal are a testament to our understanding of the most current societal and business issues.
Spire’s thought leadership solutions consist of several work-streams:
  • Our consultants would review our client's communications goals in the light of hot-button societal issues.
  • We would recommend suitable subjects which meet the multiple goals of relevance to societal opinion leaders, newsworthiness and congruence with the client's brand personality.
  • We would develop a research-led paper to communicate the client's findings and recommendations on the topic selected.
  • We would work with the client to broadcast this paper to the media community, opinion leaders and other target audience groups.
  • Spire's opinion leader research tools could measure the impact of the initiative on target audience groups, so as to quantify ROI.

    Members of Spire’s senior management team would be available to present the research paper at press conferences, roundtables and conventions.
  • Expertise in Thought Leadership Consulting

    Other Capabilities under Reputation Management

    Brand Protection Consulting

    Spire works with global brands on anti-counterfeit projects, and has undertaken projects concerning the prevalence of counterfeit products.

    Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting

    Spire’s track record of thought leadership and consulting work around CSR issues enables us to advise companies on how to design and improve CSR efforts.