Brand Protection Consulting

As part of handling projects related to brand protection, Spire works with global brands on anti-counterfeit projects, and has undertaken projects concerning the prevalence of counterfeit products across Asia, Central Asia, the Americas and even the Middle East region.

Our research is custom-built to the unique needs of each of our clients. Here is a framework of Spire’s work with a leading American printing technology firm on anti – counterfeiting of printer supplies. 

  • Project Objectives: Conduct a market study and assess the share of counterfeits in more than a dozen selected countries on an annual basis. 
  • 4 components of research:
    • Procurement 
      • Spire undertook mystery shopping*
    • Inspection
      • Spire team inspect purchased samples. 
      • Genuine cartridges handed over to the local office, counterfeit cartridges sent to labs for further investigation.
    • Analysis
      • Spire performs statistical modelling based on city, channels and SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) of the cartridges.
      • Spire report is submitted to the Client’s Global office.  
    • Consolidation/ Reporting and Dissemination 
      • Report is disseminated to the Client’s country teams and investigator teams 

*Mystery shopping is a market research technique to measure, and monitor on an on-going basis if necessary, the interactions between a customer and a company or organisation in a pre-defined scenario. 

Other Capabilities under Reputation Management

Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting

Spire’s track record of thought leadership and consulting work around CSR issues enables us to advise companies on how to design and improve CSR efforts.

Thought Leadership Consulting

With its track record of work for public sector agencies, Spire is well-positioned to develop thought leadership programs for companies.