Policy Research

Spire has a substantial track record in working with governmental agencies to provide research into industry trends and detailed analysis on the needs to be addressed by policymakers.

Our research is customized to the unique needs of each of our clients. Here is a sample framework of Spire’s work on policy research into the landscape industry of Singapore. 

  • Face-to-face interviews and surveys with key players in the landscape industry, including: 
    • Key industry associations
    • Key landscape industry companies, architecture firms 
    • Key service buyers including universities, hospitals, town councils, government agencies, condominiums, airport, property and facilities management companies, etc. 

Other Capabilities under Public Policy

Government Relations Consulting

Spire has a wealth of expertise in helping businesses navigate the complexities of operating in various legal jurisdictions.

National Export Strategy

Spire has worked with international clients, such as the US Department of Agriculture, an American NGO and other international agencies across various industries.