Supply Chain Management Consulting

In a climate with increasingly globalized competition and thinning margins, the speed and efficiency of getting products to market has emerged as a critical competitive success factor (CSF).

Spire has extensive experience in researching the logistics sector – from third-party and fourth-party business logistics solutions to logistics software systems and express courier services.

We also work extensively with manufacturers in the electronics and automotive sector, to assess customer satisfaction and competitiveness. In this work, one of the key CSFs evaluated is time to market. Another key CSF for manufacturers is supply chain management efficiency- particularly the reduction of inventory and shrinkage, which can free up productive capital for other purposes.

Armed with this experience, Spire has conducted studies for our manufacturing clients where we benchmark their supply chain model against competitors and best practice leaders from various industries.

Such studies lead to highly actionable and practical recommendations for immediate improvements.

These recommendations have included, for example, reviewing software solutions installed, changing the warehouse lay-out, rationalizing logistics suppliers, experimenting with vendor-managed inventory and streamlining transport routes.

Spire’s supply chain management consulting has the advantage of being able to integrate the voice of the customer into supply chain reform.

What do customers value in terms of product quality, speed, cost and other service features? It is this perspective, together with Spire’s fluency with the logistics business, that enables us to add value to our clients through supply chain management consulting.

Spire’s supply chain management consulting services typically involve data-collection and visits to the client’s distribution centres as well as primary research around the organization of the SCM and fulfilment function in other leading companies. It may involve channel or end-customer research.

Supply Chain Management Consulting – Example of report output

The industry best practice leader has a flexible “channel” structure that reduces Total Turnaround Time for the whole supply chain and eliminates layers of distributors, dealers and re-sellers. Inventory is reduced to under 30% of the client’s level.

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