Country Research

Spire offers economic, social, political and business environment analysis of the intended country for clients in both public and private sectors. This signifies that our service supports the development of country strategies for private firms as well as policy formulation by public sector organizations.

For the private sector, our work has enabled strategy development in the country, province or even city level. Our research also supports corporate functions, such as government relations, tax planning, public and media relations, corporate planning and site selection; for example factories, distribution centers and regional treasury centers. Also, our studies have been used for benchmarking and improving specific non-customer facing functions such as research and development (R&D), logistics, IT, finance and treasury and regional headquarters.

Spire has worked with numerous government agencies and non-government organizations (NGOs) to support programs aimed at export promotion, foreign direct investment attraction, overseas aid disbursement as well as general public policy formulation.

Other Capabilities under Industry Trends

Competitors Analysis

Our service analyzes the competitor population and landscape, while also offering deep-dive studies.

Price Research

Spire has an excellent record of accomplishment in price research for both consumer and commercial products and services.

Market Environment Research

Our Market Environment Research (MER) delivers a multi-faceted analysis of the business and market environment.