Geo-marketing is the integration of geographic parameters into market research. It enhances conventional market research in contexts where location is a key determinant of success.

In spite of infrastructural immaturity, Spire believes that there is much potential in implementing geo-marketing in emerging markets where there is intense market competition.

Spire’s expertise in geo-marketing allows you to visualize and place key business information, research findings and analytics, as well as action plan scenarios, on a digital map.

Our geo-marketing team can design, develop and provide the desired geo-marketing deliverables in several formats, such as web-based, mobile phone application and standalone application.

Other Capabilities under Implementation Strategy

Cross Border Consulting

Spire’s cross-border consulting services facilitate business development strategies in foreign countries.

Go-To-Market Playbooks

Go-To-Market Playbooks provide customized solutions that help to optimize and improve business outcomes.