Cross-border Consulting

Spire’s cross-border consulting services facilitate business development strategies in foreign countries. For companies with little direct presence in emerging markets, market entry can be highly problematic, with linguistic, cultural and organizational challenges aplenty. The same is true with moving from a distributor-led presence to a direct presence.

For companies that are unfamiliar with emerging markets, Spire will support your international growth by providing you with local know-how, contacts and strategic insights.
Our consultancy services include, but not limited to the following:

  • Introducing you to local customers, distribution channels and potential partners;
  • Facilitating your negotiations with local companies;
  • Helping you to navigate governmental procedures for setting up offices, factories, distribution centers and retail outlets;
  • Advising you on securing government financial support for direct investment
Cross-border consulting services include:

Other Capabilities under Implementation Strategy


Geo-marketing is the integration of geographic parameters into market research.

Go-To-Market Playbooks

Go-To-Market Playbooks provide customized solutions that help to optimize and improve business outcomes.