Channel Health Management

With vast geographies and diverse retail environments to manage, companies are facing an increasing challenge to monitor the customer experience as well as the adjust pricing at the retail front.

Retail managers need to have ready access to real-time information on the health of their retail channels, so that they can target their channel investments more effectively and efficiently.

Channel Health Management consulting combines the ground information collection processes with interactive web-based reporting to enable you to realize your channel management objectives.
Spire undertakes a series of steps to collect information from channels:
Spire’s suite of Channel Health Management consulting solutions comprises:

Other Capabilities under Go-to-Market Strategy

Sales Lead Handling

Spire offers companies the ability to outsource local B2B customer enquiry handling in countries or regions where they are not present.

Market Sizing and Feasibility

Spire’s market sizing and feasibility solutions will support your company in determining a successful market growth or entry strategy.