Ethnography is an off-shoot of the social science discipline of anthropology. It refers to the study of naturally occurring social interactions, behaviors and perceptions.

As the limitations of self-reported market research data become more widely understood, ethnography is poised to become a crucial tool in market research, yielding deep and actionable insights.

Unlike other research methodologies, the role of the observer/interviewer is minimal in ethnographic research; allowing them to obtain neutral results from the study.

Spire has successfully delivered ethnographic research and consulting studies to Global Fortune 500 companies in South East Asia and India in both the consumer and B2B spaces.

Other Capabilities under Customer Trends

Consumer Research

Consumer research forms the foundation of many marketing departments. Spire offers both quantitative and qualitative research techniques.

Customer Decision Dynamics Analysis

Customer purchase decisions are complex. Spire assists companies in deciphering business-to-business (B2B) and consumer purchase decision dynamics.