Upskilling during the pandemic

Upskilling during the pandemic
Upskilling during the pandemic

Online learning became a household word as Covid-19 movement restrictions and lockdowns confined billions to their homes all over the world. Many found time during this “new normal” to seek out opportunities to learn new skills from online education and training providers.

Between February and July 2020, a leading online course provider saw a huge jump in website visitor numbers from 27 million to 70 million. The most popular courses focused on topics ranging from machine learning, computers, and entrepreneurship to enhancing personal well-being.

The global e-learning market, worth US$ 250 billion, is expected to grow 21% annually to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2027.  A major chunk of the revenue will come from North America, primarily from the United States of America, and 26% from the Asia- Pacific region. Factors such as the convenience of online learning, cost, wider student reach and a wealth of course options is helping the industry to grow.

Will online learning become the preferred method for professionals to upskill themselves?

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