The New Era of Education

The new era of education
The new era of education

Covid-19 has drastically changed education and redefined it beyond the physical classrooms. The global education app sector is witnessing a high annual growth rate of 26% and is forecasted to grow over US$ 46 billion between 2020 -2024.

42% of the education app market’s growth is expected to originate from the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Not only is APAC the fastest developing regions in the world, it accounts for about half of all global internet users. Many whom are ‘smartphone-first’ when accessing the internet.

A wide learning base, the many technological advancements in the education sector and the high adoption rate of education apps are the growth drivers of the education sector in the APAC region.

How can educational institutes and app developers collaborate to create inspiring eLearning apps?

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