The future of leather industry in Garut

8 November 2022

Spire consultant, Fauzan Medison Adryan, talks about the leather industry in Garut and how it can grow.

Garut is the largest leather handicraft-producing area in West Java. Leather products there are manufactured from scratch to produce finished products. Established in 1925, it is known for supplying leather to many established brands. One of the manufacturers there even boosts of the capability to produce 100 tons of leather per month.

Unfortunately, this industry has been hit by the entry of cheaper imported synthetic cowhide, and the pandemic which limited working hours and affected productivity.

Post-pandemic, relaxation of restrictions brought back tourists who boosted sales of leather goods, leading to a surge in leather production.

Spire Consultant, Fauzan Medison Adryan, discussed ways that the leather industry in Garut can grow. These include collaborating with the tourism and creative industries as well as digitalising to get on e-commerce and social media platforms. The Indonesian government can also support its growth by promoting the leather products to audiences inside and outside the country.

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