Tapping into Indonesia’s “Digital Natives”

4 November 2020

Tapping into Indonesia’s “Digital Natives”

Spire DCEO Jeffrey Bahar and Head of Ops Ingrid Rix discussed what makes Indonesia’s Generation Z (Gen Z) tick in Spire’s recent webinar, which also featured a Gen Z guest, Olivia Rizki.

The live webinar, held on 4 November 2020, looked at the characteristics, behaviours and preferences of Gen Z. Jeffrey talked about Gen Z’s digital lifestyle, their attitude toward social media platforms and life in general. Over 70% of Gen Z rated religion and career as being very important to them. And while 71% says that Instagram is the most preferred mobile application, Gen Z shies away from being trendsetters.

Ingrid explained the findings of Spire Technology Survey 2020, which aims at helping marketers align their strategies with trends influenced by Covid-19 lockdowns. She highlighted the changes in consumer expectations of technology products, with over 60% of Gen Z showing interest in products that improve productivity.

Olivia shared her own experiences and preferences, as well as those of her peers. Her interests in volunteering and sports supported Jeffrey’s findings on Gen Z’s lifestyle.

Watch the recording of the webinar here.

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