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Lipstick sales: A good barometer for the Economy?


7 February 2012
Bernama Today

Consumers world-wide tend to react to economic crises by purchasing small-ticket “feel-good” items like lipstick. Spire discusses this trend in the context of world history and Malaysia’s experience since 2008.

Singapore’s Economy in 2012


21 November 2011
Channel NewsAsia – AM Live

Singapore’s economy is forecasted to grow by a modest 3 percent. Much of the slow growth is attributed to the global export market while financial and business services are facing some uncertainty as well. Fortunately, a stronger US economy and a healthy regional outlook may cushion Singapore from a hard landing. Spire discusses the prospects for Singapore in 2012.

Is China still an attractive investment destination?


2 January 2007
BBC World – Asia Business Report

China has been the most attractive foreign investment location in the last 20 years. But competition from other nations, India and Vietnam in particular, is intensifying. How will China ensure that it remains the manufacturing hub of the world?