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STEM deepens roots in Asia

Asia has dominated the world in churning out graduates in the fields of STEM for more than a decade. China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia have seen large numbers of STEM graduates.

AI brings Education closer to the Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education has helped to create intelligent interactive programmes that enhance student learning. Exciting years are ahead as AI in education continues to evolve with experiential learning and gamification technology.

Crowdfunding: More than a Financial Tool

For many start-ups, crowdfunding also serves as a marketing tool that gathers customer feedback for product development and connects them to suppliers and retailers. As a result, many MNCs are jumping on the crowdfunding bandwagon as part of their marketing strategy.

All systems go for Space Tourism

Stepping out of the pages of science fiction, space tourism or commercial space travel for recreation and leisure, looks set to become a reality with a number of successful, high-profile launches of commercially-developed and funded missions in recent months.

Startups grow in MENA

Startups grow in MENA

Between 2010 and 2020, the MENA region witnessed a whopping 47% annual growth in total funding and 60% annual growth in the number of deals.



While the announcement of the Australia-UK-USA (AUKUS) defence agreement in the Indo-Pacific was hailed by security experts as a game changer, many companies have wondered how this affects their business in the region, if at all.

Advertising in the Digital Era

Advertising in the Digital Era

The world witnessed a 1,266% increase in the number of Internet users in the last two decades. The potentials and reach of the Internet caused the growth of global digital advertising to go into overdrive.