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About Spire

Success; it’s defined by the endless pursuit of excellence, it’s a result of the choices we make, it’s characterized by the ability to stand out from the crowd, it’s about seeing the bigger picture, and your place in it. It’s about first recognizing your opportunities, and then taking them.

At Spire Research and Consulting, it’s about empowering you with the knowledge to decide.

We are leaders in providing holistic and customized market intelligence solutions to support strategic market growth and entry decisions. Driven by a passion to provide world class strategic research, we have established 10 full service offices in 8 countries. Uniquely, our focus is on research leadership in the emerging economies around the world. With fluency in multiple languages and cultural nuances, our teams are well equipped to tackle the research challenges associated with emerging countries; such as the lack of transparency, published data, and reluctance to cooperate with researchers.

Spire - A Thought Leader

Our track record speaks for itself. Over 500 completed projects for over 30 Global Fortune 500 companies and numerous government agencies. The majority of these clients have worked with Spire on multiple engagements. We are recognized thought leaders in the Asia Pacific region and beyond, being frequently cited in print, television and radio media, as well as regularly addressing regional and global business events. Our credibility is rooted in our feet-on-the-street understanding of emerging market realities. 

Holistic Solutions for Market Entry and Growth

Spire provides a breadth of research and consulting solutions to support your critical decisions.

We combine deep customer insights with research and competitors, distribution channels, and the macro environment, creating a holistic view of the complete business ecosystem, so that our clients can make the big decisions on market growth and entry. 

We also deliver highly focused research services in many areas.

Our research and consulting outlets are built on validation from multiple sources among customers and the wider business environment. This ensures findings that are rigorously well supported, and can be defended confidently to internal and external audiences. The research process is overseen by a capable, hands-on leadership team that is involved not only in winning sales, but also in the research, execution, fieldwork and reporting processes. Spire’s core focus is total market environment research; understanding not only customers, but also competitors, distribution channels, legal and regulatory factors and other market features. Our capabilities span the full gammon of strategic research solutions; from customer research, channel and pricing research, to value chain and competitor analysis, business partner selection and financial feasibility.

Why Spire?

We are passionate about helping you to make winning decisions. Because we depend on repeat clients, we do not treat each study in isolation. Instead we connect the dots between research findings and studies, so as to maximize the relevance and value of our work. With this decision based approach, we avoid academic reports, in favor of clear and concise findings, together with practical advice about how to get the best market results, from the least effort. With our sizable network of researchers in 30 countries, as well as international advisers and expert resource persons across key industries, our clients benefit not only from traditional research outlets, but from our deep industry expertise.

At the same time, we actively seek to give back to society. Through our corporate social responsibility initiatives, we aspire to make the world a better place in the communities where we operate.

At Spire, you can be assured of unsurpassed quality, unwavering reliability and an uncompromising fashion to exceed your expectations.

Spire Research and Consulting – We empower you with the knowledge to decide.  

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