Spire weighs in on Researching the Philippines Market

Spire weighs in on Researching the Philippines Market

9 January 2021

Spire weighs in on Researching the Philippines Market

Spire Deputy CEO, Japnit Singh, and Head of Operations, Ingrid Rix, discussed the scope of identity-preserved (IP) soya and grain market in the Philippines with Shane Frederick, Specialty Soya and Grains Alliance’s (SSGA) Communications Manager, in the Alliance’s IP-ODCAST.

Japnit described what Spire was tasked to do and shared his observations. One observation is that food trends are changing with people becoming more health conscious. Japnit found it interesting that although the Philippines does not produce a significant amount of soya, it is very much a part of the local food culture. He shared that 100% of the people who had tried IP soya said they are ‘very satisfied’ with it.

Ingrid spoke about potential buyers’ low awareness of IP soya. She recommended that the key messages should be that IP provides consistency, helps in food safety and can be easily handled and managed.

Watch the Podcast here.

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