Spire speaks about post-Covid consumer technology trends in Southeast Asia

10 June 2020

Spire speaks about post-Covid consumer technology trends in Southeast Asia

On 10 June, Spire Research and Consulting hosted a Live Webinar, where its Head of Singapore Operations, Ingrid Rix, shared the latest findings of the Spire Technology Peripheral Survey 2020 and how Covid-19 has impacted consumer buying trends.

Ingrid explained that the survey aimed to help marketers understand how consumers evaluate technology peripheral products, so that they can align their R&D and marketing strategies with the new post-Covid consumer realities.

Consumer expectations about technology peripherals changed significantly after the advent of Covid-19. Approximately one third of Southeast Asia consumers are now seeking to buy technology products that promote health and safety, like smart locks, fitness smart watches, health wearables and smart vacuum cleaners. The proportion of consumers reporting interest in health-promoting devices doubled in Indonesia and Malaysia, while it rose by over 50% in Singapore.

In her presentation, Ingrid shared how consumer expectations of technology products have changed since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic. Spire’s research predicted a post-Covid growth surge in the categories of entertainment & lifestyle, office productivity, safety, health & fitness, and energy-saving.

Ingrid’s presentation on the Covid Tech Boom in Southeast Asia can be found here!

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