Spire managed NSM seminars on CAAV in Indonesia and Thailand

January 10, 2023

Northern Soy Marketing (NSM) is a farmer-leader board formed by soybean checkoff boards of U.S. plain states. They conduct research on soybean quality and outreach sessions to buyers around the world, promoting U.S. soybean and soybean meals. NSM educate soybean and soybean meals buyers to look at critical amino acids value (CAAV) levels in northern-grown soybean as the metric for soybean quality rather than crude proteins levels.

Recently, NSM held seminars in Indonesia and Thailand, where they highlighted the advantages of utilizing CAAV as a metric for soy quality. These seminars were attended by stakeholders including animal farmers, importers, trade unions, soybean meal buyers, animal nutritionists and feed manufacturers, as well as local trade media.

Spire shortlisted the stakeholders and helped NSM invite and manage these interested parties at the seminars. The events were also great for the participants to engage and build networks with other players in the industry.

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