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SpirE-Journal 2013 Q3

Spire E-Newsletter Q3 2013

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Spire E-Newsletter Q3 2013

Spire partners with Pearson to conduct study in India

4 September 2013 (Hindustan Times)
4 September 2013 (The Hindu)
4 September 2013 (Times of India)

Have you thanked your teacher yet? Spire Research and Consulting partnered with global education service provider Pearson to conduct a study of 3,262 teachers in India from schools and higher education institutes in 223 Tier I, II and III cities across 25 states.

The study revealed that nearly three out of four teachers in India ranked gratitude as the best form of recognition from students leaving behind factors such as financial growth (60 percent) or recognition from employers (62 percent). A whopping 72 percent felt satisfied when students thanked them for their success.

The study revealed how primary school teachers perceive a higher level of gratitude from students as opposed to those in higher education institutions.

On the other hand, 61 percent of teachers felt that the past decade witnessed a dip in gratitude shown to teachers. A decline in student engagement, low pay and recognition as well as inadequate training opportunities were cited as challenges by teachers. Students seem to be far less reliant on teachers and more prone to access online sources for information. It remains to be seen whether teachers will be able to sustain the level of engagement with students in the coming years.

The official coverage on the Times of India website can be found here.

Spire comments on European markets looking upbeat post recession

1 September 2013

The dark clouds of recession seem to have moved out of Europe, with market conditions on the rise, registering a 0.3 percent growth in the second quarter. Consumer confidence is rising but is the growth here to stay?

Leon Perera, Chief Executive Officer of Spire Research and Consulting, was invited to share his views on the European market post-recession. Perera opined that Europe is in recovery mode, as reflected in positive PMIs (Purchasing Managers Index).

Perera discussed how the European market is becoming an abode for investment from Asian companies. There is potential in research partnerships and M&A opportunities in areas such as medical technology and 3D printing. Europe is also worth exploring as a manufacturing operations hub due to easy access to the EU market and its proximity to emerging economies including Turkey, Russia and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

Opportunities in the high-technology sector are also worth reviewing. Perera pointed out that the smart-phone sector was one where Asian companies could export to Europe.

The official coverage on the Channel NewsAsia website can be found here.

Spire speaks at the South East Asia Auto Summit 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia

26 – 27 June 2013

South East Asia is one of the bright spots in the global automotive industry. The three largest auto manufacturing countries in the region (Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand) registered near-record production in 2012. Recognizing the potential, the South East Asia Automotive Summit 2013 gathered industry leaders and government officials to discuss the industry’s current outlook and need.

Mr Jeffrey Bahar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Spire Research and Consulting, was honoured to be invited as a guest speaker. In his presentation, Bahar spoke about trends in the fast-evolving automotive industry in Indonesia. He highlighted how a new segment had emerged in Indonesia: eco-friendly cars.

Bahar opined that automotive brands need to do a balancing act to cater to mass-market demand while at the same time ensure sufficient presence to stay in the game in each price bracket. He remarked that manufacturers would be able to increase their sales by offering more models to the mass-market.

In conclusion, Bahar commented that Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar were the other emerging export markets that automotive manufacturers should consider within South-east Asia.

Bahar’s presentation deck, “SpireThoughts on SEA Automotive Sector Outlook 2015” can be found here.

Spire comments on the boom in men's grooming sector in Asia

17 June 2013 (Bernama TV)
19 June 2013 (NTV 7)
28 June 2013 (BFM Radio)

Are men paying closer attention to their looks? It seems that more men are now willing to spend on personal grooming. This growing demand has led to a surge in grooming products in Asia and has unveiled a lucrative market opportunity for brands.

Jeffrey Bahar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Spire Research and Consulting, was invited to share his views on various broadcast media on the future outlook for this industry.

He highlighted that the value of the industry is approximately USD20 billion – with Asia accounting for 60% of sales of total skincare products.

Bahar opined that marketers should study different demographic segments, with a focus on the habits and age group of their targeted market. He also remarked that marketers should keep in mind the reality of evolving behavioural patterns.

In conclusion, Bahar commented that the markets in China and India were on the rise. In these markets, the focus should be on anti-aging products.

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