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SpirE-Journal 2012 Q4

Spire E-Newsletter Q4 2012

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Spire E-Newsletter Q4 2012

Spire lends its expertise to the Vietnam Supply Chain Congress 2012

1 October 2012
Spire lends its expertise to the Vietnam Supply Chain Congress 2012 

“Vietnam Supply Chain Congress 2012” was a platform for supply chain industry marketers and retailers to network, share insights and discuss best practices in the sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and retail disciplines.

Jeffery Bahar, Deputy CEO of Spire Research and Consulting, was one of the invited speakers at “Vietnam Supply Chain Congress 2012”. The title of his talk was ‘A Successful Partnership Journey in Sourcing and Outsourcing.’ In his talk, he presented his views on how to locate the right partners and alliances in Emerging Markets, and shared the factors that would make sourcing and outsourcing a success.

Bahar highlighted that relying on a systematic and holistic approach would go a long way in forging successful, durable partnerships. He added that the trial-and-error approach for outsourcing is passé. Supply chain efforts need to be systematized, well

He further commented that the sourcing journey had two goals i.e. ‘To Source’ and ‘To Make’, which in turn determined the strategy for sourcing. He shared that while business partner selection is of paramount importance for companies looking at outsourcing, a holistic and well-rounded approach would be more ideal for companies which make their own products.

In conclusion, Bahar reiterated that the success of the sourcing journey was based on five foundations; namely, pre-defined quality of the offering, alignment of goals with strategic partners, time to enter the market, clear communication of goals and expectations and the selection of the right key partners while managing cultural differences. He emphasized that first mover advantage would play a critical role in the sourcing success story.

Bahar further cited Vietnam as a key destination for sourcing. The country had seen tremendous growth in the last fourteen years. Exports increased by thirty three per cent, while imports rose by twenty five per cent in 2011.

Manufacturing and equipment, food retail, healthcare, agri-food, food processing and IT software were highlighted as the key and up-and-coming export industries in Vietnam.

Bahar’s presentation deck on “A Successful Partnership Journey in Sourcing and Outsourcing” can be found here.

Spire joins “Mobile Banking and Payments for Emerging Asia Summit 2012” as workshop leader

10 October 2012
Spire joins “Mobile Banking and Payments for Emerging Asia Summit 2012” as workshop leader

Held in Bali, Indonesia, the “Mobile Banking and Payments for Emerging Asia Summit 2012” gathered many thought leaders from the telecommunications and banking industries; unveiling the potential of mobile channels penetrating Asia’s emerging markets. Spire Research and Consulting was honored to be invited as a post-conference workshop leader at this prestigious event.

Representing Spire Research and Consulting, Jeffery Bahar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Yap Far Loon, Business Development Director, Telecommunication, led a post-conference workshop in the “Mobile Banking and Payments for Emerging Asia Summit 2012”. The event brought together many eminent industry experts and marketers from the telecommunications and banking industries – highlighting the potential of mobile banking and payments in emerging economies.

During their presentation, Bahar and Yap shared that telecommunications operators and banks are recognising the importance of a well-thought out mobile financial services ecosystem that delivers customer value in emerging markets. It was highlighted that services such as m-commerce, mobile money and mobile remmitances had gained much momentum. Moreover, with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology forging ahead, Spire predicts that mobile banking and payments will see substantial growth in the next 1 – 4 years.

Bahar and Yap further explained the six building blocks to a successful mobile banking model for emerging markets, and highlighted the three phases that the industry would witness moving forward. The current phase encompassed e-wallet accounts, payments, remittances and transfers. The second phase will include macro-insurance, consumer lending and savings. High-risk methods such as mortgages, private banking, wholesale banking and investment banking would make up the third phase.

Bahar and Yap also reiterated that mobile penetration is estimated at 101% by 2015, unveiling immense untapped potential for services such as money transfers, retails payments and airtime recharge. High unbanked populations, technological advancements and improving government support and infrastructure were listed as the main growth factors in emerging markets.

Moving forward, devising strategies such as product differentiation, cost leadership as well as marketing and promotional improvements would confer on industry players that elusive competitive edge.

The workshop concluded with a group activity, where the participants had the opportunity to work on a mock business plan for entering an emerging Asian market.

The presentation deck on “Building Blocks for Mobile Financial Services Ecosystem in Emerging Markets’” can be found here.

Spire Singapore joins AmCham Corporate Community Day for fifth consecutive year

13 October 2012
Spire Singapore joins AmCham Corporate Community Day for fifth consecutive year

Spire Singapore collaborated with the Singapore Children’s Society for the second consecutive year to reach out to beneficiaries in need, in conjunction with AmCham Corporate Community Day 2012. Spire is proud to be involved in this meaningful activity in support of corporate volunteerism for the fifth consecutive year.

Held at the Singapore Children’s Society premises, Spire Singapore spent a meaningful morning with the children, guiding them as they took part in a terrarium building activity. The terrarium can be used to illustrate how an ecosystem works, as many different natural processes, such as photosynthesis, respiration, and the water cycle may be observed. The Spire team hoped that through the lesson of the constantly recycled water in the terrarium, the children would be inspired to understand the interconnectedness of every individual in a community and the eco-system.

We were honored to have Patrick Santillo, Senior Commercial Officer at the US Embassy, visit the event. He had an enjoyable time interacting with Spire’s volunteers, Singapore Children’s Society staff as well as the families.

At the end of the event, all the children at the activity attended some interesting lessons about science and ecology, and got to bring home the self-sustaining terrarium they built. It was a happy and fun day for all, and Spire’s volunteers enjoyed themselves as much as the children.

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