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Spire E-Newsletter Q2 2012

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Spire E-Newsletter Q2 2012

Spire joins Trade Winds Asia as Marketing Partner

16 – 18 May 2012

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Commercial Service organized Trade Winds Asia, a mission of American companies to several Asian companies. Spire joined the mission as a Marketing Partner and sponsor.

Trade Winds Asia was a conference and multi-sector trade mission that saw over 50 delegates from the U.S. visit Asia. Through this event, the delegates had the opportunity to establish business relationships in 14 countries in Asia, including Singapore. They also participated in a focused business development conference, underscoring the opportunities and challenges in the region.

As a Marketing Partner, Spire was present at the three-day event in Singapore and gained many opportunities to network with the U.S. delegates.

Spire 12th corporate retreat in Boracay, The Philippines

21 – 22 May 2012

The 12th Spire corporate retreat was held in Boracay, the Philippines – reportedly rated by TripAdvisor.com as the second best beach in the world. Spire team members from the seven country offices had gathered for a two-day retreat, where we reflected on 2011 and discussed goals and specific plans for 2012.

All country offices and corporate departments prepared presentations to update the Group on the happenings that took place in the past year. Breakout sessions and meetings were also organized for the team members to share insights in greater detail. Of course, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! A special committee had come together to organize a half-day of games to encourage team bonding across all countries and departments.

The two-day retreat was over in the blink of an eye and everyone had to say their goodbyes. It was a productive and enriching experience for all at Spire, leaving behind a great deal of learning and buckets of happy memories.

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