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SpirE-Journal 2011 Q1

Spire E-Newsletter Q2 2011

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Spire E-Newsletter Q2 2011

Spire Indonesia visits an orphanage for children with autism

In March 2011, Spire Indonesia visited an orphanage for children with autism. In commemoration of Autism Day, the orphanage held a talk show on the issue of sex education for children with autism. Twenty Spire team members participated in the event. While benefiting the children with useful knowledge, the activity also created greater awareness among the Spire team about the challenges faced by children with autism. Spire also made a donation to the orphanage. 

Financial literacy vital in today’s complex environment

The Star Online

30 March 2011

Spire was engaged by Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) in Malaysia to conduct an impact survey among 800 random participants to gauge the success of a pro-gramme initiated by SIDC on smart money management, wise investing and identifying scams. The survey showed that 87.3% of the participants are now more careful in considering an investment, 85.8% have started implementing personal budgeting and 84.4% have started setting financial goals. This year, SIDC hopes to educate 5,500 people. The programme is part and parcel of the overall effort by the Securities Commission (SC) to promote investor education. 

China’s booming beer market

Channel News Asia Business Tonight

6 April 2011

An interview with Spire’s Chief Executive Officer, Leon Perera, was aired on Asia Business Tonight at Channel News Asia on trends in beer consumption in China. China’s economic growth is overflowing into a booming beer industry. China consumes 40 billion liters of beer annually or about a quarter of the global beer consumption. Ac-cording to Spire, China’s beer consumption will expand at a compounded rate of 5-10% over the next 3-5 years. Leon Perera, Chief Executive Officer We have to bear in mind that China is a very localized beer market so conditions differ very much by locality. Barriers to entry also differ according to locality as well. For example, access to distribution outlets and retail outlets tends to be influenced by entrenched local companies. That is why the preferred entry route of many foreign companies is via acquisitions. 

High-end cruise market in Asia-Pacific looks promising

Channel News Asia Business Tonight

8 April 2011

An interview with Spire’s Chief Executive Officer, Leon Perera, was aired on Asia Business Tonight at Channel News Asia on the prospects for the Asia-Pacific cruise market. With increasing affluence in the under penetrated Asian markets, cruise players are keenly investing in the region to tap into the promising luxury cruise market. Over the last three decades, global cruise arrivals have grown as fast as the world’s overall tourist arrivals. In Singapore, for example, cruise passenger throughout has grown steadily at 10% between 2005 and 2010, while the number of ships calling on Singapore has doubled from 56 in 2005 to 100 in 2010. Leon Perera, Chief Executive Officer I think for the luxury segment, you would expect to see much higher growth rates in the very strong double digits. That is because there is now a thirst for novelty. You see that in the number of up scale boutique resorts that are proliferating across the region not just in the core areas of Thailand and Indonesia – but even in up and coming countries such as Vietnam. I think the high end cruise industry will benefit from that because it is one more luxury offering to the very affluent group of tourists that are growing in Asia. 

Data shows few women CEOs across the region

China Press

15 May 2011

In May 2011, Spire released research findings relating to the proportion of female CEOs in large public firms. The research was published by China Press in Malaysia. This research assessed the prevalence of female CEOs in the thirty largest public listed companies in four countries. Malaysia was compared to other countries which have higher income levels, such as Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. The findings show that Malaysia has more or less the same proportion of female CEOs when compared with Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, countries with a higher per capita income. However, across all countries, women made up well under 5% of the CEOs studied. Moreover, the average age of female CEOs was consistently and signifi-cantly higher than male ones, suggesting a longer path pursued by women who take the top job. For analysis purposes, Spire selected 30 of the largest public listed companies by revenue in each selected country.

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