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SpirE-Journal 2010 Q3

Side Click: What Companies are doing (and not doing) on Facebook

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Side Click: What Companies are doing (and not doing) on Facebook

Most major companies have created a presence on leading socal media sites and linked that presence to their core marketing programs. However, on the flip side, eighty-six percent of business owners have not used social networking sites to obtain business advice or information. And every day, more concerns are heard about privacy issues relating to sites like Facebook.

As with the nature of the medium itself, companies are divided into those that are bold and experimental on social media and those that post a minimal presence or none at all.

Examples of companies successfully using social media, and in particular Facebook, to build brands include:

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola has well over 19 million3 fans on its Facebook page. It is rated as one of the top companies by The Big Money Facebook 50, a ranking of companies making the best use of Facebook4. Coca-Cola utilizes Facebook for free promotions by uploading photos of events sponsored by Coca-Cola as well as allowing fans to post photos of their moments with the brand. Moreover, Coke has a discussion page to welcome fans’ comments on their products and commercials.

Audi: Audi, ranked number 44 by The Big Money Facebook 50, has transformed its Facebook page into a forum to exchange ideas about the future design of its cars.

Disney: Disney has over 13 million fans on its Facebook page and is ranked third in The Big Money Facebook 50. Disney designed its Facebook page to focus on its past, current and upcoming movies. Disney’s Facebook page offers updates on upcoming movies and allows visitors to purchase tickets. It also links to mobile applications and online purchasing.

What about companies that have not climbed aboard the Facebook bandwagon?

ExxonMobil, the global energy giant, seems to have no official presence on Facebook.
DBS Bank of Singapore has less than 350 fans and its Facebook page has limited news updates.
Brownstone PR in Philadelphia decided to pull the plug on its Facebook presence after more than two years of investment yielded not even one new client win.

It is early days yet for social media marketing. But already companies seem to be dividing up between those who are embracing social media wholeheartedly and those who feel it is just another low-ROI marketing fad.

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