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Spire E-Newsletter Q4 2010

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Spire E-Newsletter Q4 2010

Spire was awarded the Telkom Supplier Award 2010 for the Best Consultant in Indonesia

Spire Indonesia has been awarded PT Telkom’s Supplier Award 2010 in the best consultant category. The award was given to Spire’s Managing Director for ASEAN, Jeffrey Bahar, during its annual appreciation event on 9 November 2010, which PT Telkom suppliers were invited to attend.

Spire is delighted to receive this prestigious award from one of the region’s largest telecommunications carriers. While it is a recognition of our achievements, it also signifies our responsibility to maintain the highest quality of research and consulting outputs to assist our clients in making the most effective business and marketing decisions possible.

Spire participated in the AmCham Corporate Community Day 2010 in Singapore

Over 950 volunteers from 34 organizations worked with local charities to help more than 5,400 local beneficiaries in need as part of The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (AmCham)’s Corporate Community Day 2010 (CCD 2010). The objective of the day is to encourage employees of AmCham member companies to participate in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for the needy, the underprivileged and the environment.

Spire Research and Consulting volunteers spent their morning at the Animal Lovers League (Pets Villa) Singapore. The Pets Villa facility at Pasir Ris Farmway offers lodging, food and care to abandoned pets. The facility houses 350 dogs and 400 cats. The activities of the Spire volunteers included cleaning the premises, pruning tree branches to prevent injury to animals and human staff as well as befriending the animals. The event was attended by Mr. Ray Kengott (Management Counselor) and Mr. Dan Thompson (Commercial Counselor) from the US Embassy, Ms. Laura Deal, AmCham’s Executive Director and Ms. Nancy Frohman, Chair of the AmCham’s CCD.

Another team of Spire volunteers spent their morning at Changi Beach to pick up litter at East Coast Parkway, doing their bit to help keep a scenic part of the country clean and green.

No winners in a currency war

The Business Times
Views from the Top
1 Nov 2010

The comments of Spire’s Group Managing Director were published in the Business Times on the subject of the currency war.
How is the currency war affecting your industry, and businesses generally? Do you see the issue being resolved anytime soon?

Leon Perera Group Managing Director Spire Research & Consulting Group

What we are seeing is a “cold war” on currency. Should this escalate into a hot war, the consequences would be disastrous, with a breakdown of the world system into rival trading blocks. But this is unlikely. Instead the cold war will muddle along for some time, with all sides making adjustments piecemeal. What is at stake is how long the twin trends of a weakening US dollar and weak Chinese RMB can continue. Exporters will take a serious hit from the weakening US dollar – not only manufacturers but exporters of business and professional services serving the region out of Singapore. There will be greater instability around pricing and a scramble to lock in prices. And some Asian asset classes will become bubbly as foreign investors pour in.

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