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SpirE-Journal 2010 Q2

Spire E-Newsletter Q3 2010

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Spire E-Newsletter Q3 2010

Spire addresses the Vietnam Retail-Distribution-Logistics Summit 2010

Spire’s ASEAN Managing Director Jeffrey Bahar addressed the 2nd Vietnam Retail – Logistics – Distribution Summit in Ho Chi Minh City on 30 June 2010. He painted a picture of rapid growth and evolution towards modern retail concepts in 2011-2013 in Vietnam, one of the Emerging World’s most attractive countries for retail investment.

Spire works with the Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS) on Korea’s Dictionary of Occupations

A joint research project saw the Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS) collaborating with Spire Research and Consulting in Korea to update findings in the Korea Dictionary of Occupations. Spire Korea updated 455 occupations in 2008 and 581 occupations in 2009, which required manufacturing process research and interviews with HR and Technical managers of Korean Multinational Corporations. Spire Korea is conducting its 3rd year of consecutive partnership with KEIS on the findings of the Korea Dictionary of Occupations in July 2010. The consolidated dictionary will be published in 2011.

Global opportunities

The Business Times
Views from the Top
24 May 2010

The comments of Spire’s Group Managing Director were published in the Business Times on the subject of which countries and/or regions present the best opportunities for Singapore companies looking to expand overseas.

Given the current global environment, which countries and/or regions present the best opportunities for Singapore companies looking to expand overseas? Why?

Leon Perera Group Managing Director Spire Research & Consulting Group

EMERGING economies offer the greatest long-term opportunities, given their structurally higher rates of mid to long -term growth that have accounted for over half of global growth since 2001. Within emerging markets, the AsiaPacific region is key, being the largest sub-region by both wealth and population.

It is also the region where Singapore firms can leverage the advantages of geographic proximity and cultural familiarity. And within Asia, China, India and Indonesia unquestionably present the biggest growth opportunities while Australia, Japan and Korea present interesting niche plays for high value-added products and services.

However, Singapore firms would do well not to ignore three other geographic plays – gaining early entry into Africa (the world’s final growth frontier), developing a presence in Brazil (the BRIC country with the best institutions and the most balanced long-term fundamentals) and acquiring cheap assets in the now troubled Euro-zone.

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