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SpirE-Journal 2008 Q1

Spire establishes Australia office

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Spire establishes Australia office

Spire Research and Consulting expands its presence in Oceania with a new office in Sydney, Australia

Spire Research and Consulting has appointed Peter Kelly as a Business Development Director to head up its newly established full-service office in Sydney, so as to meet the needs of leading organizations for strategic and holistic research in Oceania.

“For years, Spire has been handling projects in Australia – the fifth largest economy in the Asia-Pacific region and one of its most affluent, with a per capita GDP on par with the four leading West European economies. Healthy business and consumer confidence and high export prices for raw materials and agricultural products are stimulating the economy,” said Leon Perera, Spire’s Group Managing Director. “A full-fledged office in Sydney will enable Spire to serve our clients better.”

Having graduated from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Kelly has been engaged in market research consultancy for over a decade. He returned to Australia from consultancies in Kazakhstan and Singapore in 1996 and founded the market research consultancy, United Intelligence Management (UIM) before joining Spire.

Kelly’s academic background in commerce as well as his research and consulting experience makes him the ideal candidate to head Spire’s Australian branch – he has successfully managed projects spanning a range of industries, such as IT, food, infrastructure, media, healthcare and tourism.

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