Spire COO is certified Practising Management Consultant by SBACC

27 April 2022

Spire’s COO, Japnit Singh, is recognised and endorsed by the Business Council for his professionalism and integrity.

The Practising Management Consultant, PMC, certification is designed by the Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council, SBACC, to raise the professionalism of the management consulting industry and to ensure a consistent quality of certified management consultants in Singapore.

Japnit was rigorously assessed by the PMC Certification Board before he is certified as a Practising Management Consultant. He believes that this certification will help Spire gain access to more SMEs in Singapore, allowing us to offer our expertise to help these companies with the crucial information and strategies necessary for expansion and growth.

Japnit also shared that the certification journey was a great experience and that the certification process was held at the highest of standards —from meeting the qualifying criteria to undertaking very rigorous yet motivating assessment interviews and training.

“The process not only validated my skills and experience in consulting, it also gave Spire special access to opportunities and resources chiefly focused on continuous professional development,” he said.

The PMC certification is internationally recognized and the PMC Scheme has the full support of Enterprise Singapore (ESG).

Read Japnit’s PMC testimonial.

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