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Singapore’s biomedical efforts enjoy another win

30 March 2007 

Singapore’s biomedical efforts enjoy another win


Biologics firm Lonza broke ground at its second biologics manufacturing plant in Singapore yesterday, the latest in a string of announcements regarding the local biomedical industry.

Singapore’s biologics industry has managed to attract four commercial scale investments in the last two years.

The global biologics industry is expected to hit an annual value of US$70 billion by 2010.

However, the group managing director of Spire Research and Consulting, Mr Leon Perera, believes that biologics manufacturing would not outdo pharmaceuticals for “a very long time to come”.

“I don’t expect it will grow exponentially because the number of biologics manufacturing projects around the world is still somewhat limited,” he said. “FDA approval cycles are still quite long.”

The biomedical industry requires merely a small number of skilled employees to run the facility, thus the potential to create jobs is also limited.

“You can have a lot of capital investments, you could have spin-offs in supporting industries but not employ huge numbers of people,” Mr Perera added.

“Biomedical can’t replace the job creation function of electronics.”

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