Value Chain Analysis

Channel relationships and supply chain management are crucial components in all successful business strategies.

Spire’s value chain analysis enables you to plan the optimal value chain architecture for your business, while recruiting, retaining and managing channel partners for successful execution.

We specialize in:

  • Auditing channel performance
  • Deepening channel loyalty
  • Benchmarking channel practices of competitors and best practice leaders
  • Supporting channel recruitment and expansion programs

Channel & Value Chain Research Model:

INFRASTUCTUREAnalyzing logistics infrastucture and best practices.
VALUE CHAIN MAPPINGSizing volume and value through each tier and type of channel
VALUE CHAIN RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICSStudying the relationships between principals, channels & customers, including the role of margins, incentives, certification, support, quotas & credit
BENCHMARKINGAnalyzing successful relationships between other principals and channels.
  • infrastructure
  • value chain mapping
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  • value chain relationship dynamics
  • benchmarking
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