M&A Target Research

Many international companies seeking candidates for cross-border merger and acquisition deals would turn to brokers and banks. However, this effort may yield a limited number of candidates, depending on the well-side networks that those brokers and banks happen to possess in-country. Using such an approach, a rigorous and exhaustive process of research undertaken with all attractive potential candidates is not always undertaken.

Spire provides rigorous research for potential international acquirers seeking M&A targets in specific industries and countries.

In our M&A research, Spire’s research team would undertake thorough secondary research to identify a long list of candidates. We would also tap on past reports and our industry expert networks in-country to support this process.

We would then filter the long list to sieve out a smaller number of qualified candidates, based on primary interviews with business decision makers and owners. These interviews would ascertain intent towards a deal as well as non-public information about the company’s assets, financial performance and potential downside risks.

Spire’s fee-based customized programs of M&A research would avoid the pitfalls of over-relying on brokers, banks and advisors that are primarily compensated on the basis of success fees, which incentivizes them to push for the closure of M&A deals with sub-par candidates.

Spire can be relied on to provide neutral research on M&A targets. Our fee-based research ensures that Spire provides you with objective data and opinions on potential M&A targets.

M&A Target Research Model:


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