Customer Value Co-Creation Consulting

Recognizing the Pareto principle, most business-to-business vendors have processes in place for Key Account Management. But few have engaged their key accounts to co-create new sources of value.

Through customer value co-creation, Spire’s consulting team works with clients to identify potential key accounts (both captive and non-captive), define their strategic needs as well as the client’s own strategic capabilities, benchmark best practices and recommend approaches that would unlock new value streams for both the client and its customers.

Spire’s customer value co-creation process involves the following steps:

New value innovations that may emerge from this consulting work stream may include:

Developing new product concepts;
Interfacing client-customer CRM systems to enable better sales forecasting and more effective fulfilment;
Training service staff to upsell novel benefits to customers during interactions; and
Introducing organizational changes to enhance the competitiveness of Big Deal tender procedures requiring special internal approvals

Customer Value Co-creation Consulting

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