Anti-Counterfeit Consulting

Counterfeit and “copy-cat brand” products continue to pose a real threat to international brands operating in emerging market regions, where law enforcement and a culture of respect for Intellectual Property is still weak.

This is particularly so in Asia, which unfortunately remains a major exporting region for counterfeit products world-wide.

Spire has over ten years of experience in anti-counterfeit consulting. Not only have we worked with global brands to execute programs aimed at measuring and countering the problem. We have also provided thought leadership on this subject via media outlets like USA Today and associations like the American Chamber of Commerce.

Spire is a global leader in the measurement of counterfeit penetration. We have designed and executed programs of CF measurement structured around mystery shopping and the inspection of purchased product, which is the Gold Standard for measuring penetration levels of physical counterfeits. We have also pioneered and executed methodologies for gauging counterfeit penetration via other approaches, such as analyzing seizure data and interviewing industry participants.

Spire’s anti-counterfeit consulting provides you not only with the tools to measure the extent of counterfeit penetration. We can also analyse patterns of counterfeit prevalence by product line, time period, geography and channel.

Our research can serve as means of lead generation for anti-counterfeit investigation and enforcement action. Spire also designs and audits programs for anti-counterfeit action and designs key performance indicators to measure return-on-investment for anti-counterfeit dollars spent.

Expertise in Anti-Counterfeiting Consulting

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