Rapid growth of digital transportation in Indonesia

2o January 2023

Spire Senior Consultant, Dicky Kurnia Darmawan, analyses the rapid digitisation of the transportation sector in Indonesia, as well as the opportunities created and potential challenges.

Indonesia is set to experience the benefits of digital transportation as the conventional transportation industry works to provide more efficient and practical services to the community, for example in orders and payments. The Indonesian government has already started the transformation in infrastructure areas such as bus management, toll and fare collection, automated traffic control systems and more.

It is hoped that the transformation of urban transportation integrated systems, electric vehicles, and smart driving that will be connected to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) will result in safe and healthy mobility in a sustainable environment. The logistics industry, which is closely linked to transportation, also stands to benefit through better route and load management, and fuel savings, for example.

Transportation digitization is now in an exciting new phase with the development of the metaverse ecosystem. One of the leading players in this has been Surge, which has launched MyVerse, a transportation ecosystem in the metaverse. It promises transportation users unique experiences.

Presently, bus transportation is at focus of the digital transport companies with airports, terminals, ports next in line to be addressed. Soon, autonomous, or unmanned vehicles will be the backbone of Indonesian public transport. The government is also eyeing electric vehicles as a potential new market for implementation of digital transportation.

However, Spire points out the threats of network attacks in implementing ITS which may hamper the operational function of devices & equipment. This may disrupt the services causing data breach and information thefts.

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