Promising swimming pool equipment industry in Indonesia

8 March 2023

Spire consultant, Getria Kasra, dives deep into the growth potential of the swimming pool equipment industry in Indonesia, as well as the challenges the industry faces.

The improving national economy and increasing interests in owning private pools is boosting the growth of Indonesia’s swimming pool equipment industry. Residential and commercial sectors are driving demand for pumps, filters, heaters, and lighting systems.

The pandemic played an important role. Restrictions during this time encouraged the middle and upper class in the residential sector to invest in private pools, while the tourism and attractions sectors started restoring their swimming pool facilities after the restrictions were relaxed.

Challenges that the swimming pool equipment industry faces include the lack of regulations and standards for equipment and services. Some solutions that Getria suggests are implementing regulations and standards for pool equipment, training pool equipment professionals, and collaborations between the tourism and construction industries.  

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