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S’pore lags in design work, says survey

Business Times
23 December 2005

S’pore lags in design work, says survey


An article in the Business Times on 23 Dec 05 ( pg 8 ) reported that Singapore needs to catch up to competitors in the design field, with statistics from Spire’s survey.

The result reflects the superior ‘brand image’ of Japan and Hong Kong as creative centres.

More than 40 Singapore-based respondents – experts, suppliers or customers in the fields of communications, environment, fashion and industrial design – took part in the survey. Singapore ranks just above China, South Korea and Thailand for design work as a whole, but the other countries have considerable potential to catch up with or even surpass Singapore.

Most respondents said Singapore’s design work meets basic requirements, but local designers lack creativity and international exposure. High labour cost is considered a prominent inhibiting factor.

The Singapore market is apparently too small, although almost 60 per cent of the respondents believe that organic development is necessary to help the design scene to grow.

Half the respondents said the current education system neglects the arts, particularly at primary and secondary levels. They said the arts should be introduced at a younger age to nurture talent.

23 December 2005

S’pore designers ‘lack identity’

The article in the 23 Dec 05 issue of Today (pg 6) expressed that Singapore’s ambition to be the design capital of Asia has suffered a dent, with results from Spire’s survey of industry players.

The 40 locally-based design professionals and experts surveyed rated Singapore’s design hub status as “fair”, and deemed Singapore design work to have “met the basic requirements, although most cited Japan and Hong Kong as better locations for design.

Reasons for Singapore’s low-standing lay in local designers’ lack of creativity and international exposure.

Some 60 per cent believed that the local design sector was young and more development was needed before Singapore could aspire to be a design hub.

Half of the respondents felt that the current education system neglected the arts, particularly at the primary and secondary levels. They also felt that the Government and several industries should lend greater financial support by awarding scholarships to young talents.

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