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Spire joins ASEAN Bank Forum 2012 as keynote speaker

4 December 2012
Spire joins ASEAN Bank Forum 2012 as keynote speaker

Held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the ASEAN Bank Forum 2012 aimed to provide market insights on how retail banks can engage and retain customers. The forum is an annual event that offers an interactive platform for bankers and technology corporations to discuss and evaluate growth opportunities in the banking sector. Jeffrey Bahar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Spire Research and Consulting, was invited to grace the event as a keynote speaker.

In the wake of the recent financial crisis, banks are strategizing to achieve more sustainable growth as they focus on a key revenue stream – retail banking. Banks are seeking to enhance banking service quality and banking governance to better retain customers. The ASEAN Bank Forum 2012 gathered many industry experts to share their insights on these and other topics.

During the session, speakers discussed various issues related to bank growth in the region. These included the key values customers sought when using retail banking and financial services, how to utilize innovation and technology in the customer engagement strategy, as well as how to leverage multi-banking channels to deliver a satisfactory total customer experience. Through the event, Spire hoped to value-add in building a modern and developed banking sector in ASEAN.

Bahar, a keynote speaker at the event, further elaborated his thoughts through his presentation on building a successful model of mobile payment as an e-channel for financial services in emerging markets.

He reiterated that as Asian countries have attained a high score in mobile payment readiness, mobile financial services would now be a feasible alternative e-channel for the large unbanked population. With that, there is a need for banking and telecommunication regulations to be aligned and interoperability to be improved, to gain economies of scale.

The presentation deck on “A Successful Model of Mobile Financial Service (MFS) as Banking e-Channel for Emerging Markets” can be found here.

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