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PR Marketing to Youth


January 2007

Marketing to Indonesian Youths Today

A study conducted by Spire Research and Consulting has revealed that the youth market in Indonesia today have more potential than before. Teenagers are widely considered as easily-influenced trend-followers that are willing to splash out on their image.

Spire and Research Consulting has conducted a survey on 1000 respondents by using the random sampling method towards the male and female teenage segment, of almost equal proportion. They are between 13-18 years of age and are currently in Secondary and High Schools, residing in Indonesian cities Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Semarang, and Makassar. This was a marketing study on their behavior, trends, as well as their knowledge on various brands of products that they commonly use.

Purchasing Behaviors
Interestingly, the youth surveyed do not have a common attitude towards branded goods. Teenagers in Semarang, for example, are more assertive to the necessity and pricing, whereas those in Makassar choose uniqueness and quality.

The most frequently purchased products in the last six months include apparel and accessories, as well as educational materials such as textbooks.

Television and radio are the most-favoured media by the youth. Trans TV and RCTI are the more popular TV channels. For the teenagers today, news is one of the commonlyviewed TV programs. As the globe becomes smaller thanks to the Internet, youth are getting more interested in the happenings around the world.

Upon further investigation, teenagers’ spending patterns are prioritized on small purchases. However, there is a new trend that allocates money for telecommunication expenditure – a majority of the teenagers spend for Rp 50,000 to Rp 100,000 per month for their telecommunication needs.

The amount of money they spend depends on the allowance obtained from their parents. In general, they keep aside Rp 50,000 for transportation needs and spend roughly twice that on minor purchases.

Saving, to them, is a method to economize. On average, youth save an approximate of Rp 50,000 to Rp 100,000.

Most of the teenagers have indicate a lack of saving in banks. Their allowances do not permit them to save in substantial amounts, hence they do not register for bank accounts.

For teenagers who do own bank accounts, a majority of them choose Bank Central Asia (BCA) as their preferred bank. BCA is the most popular choice for Indonesians and their parents’ choice of banks as well as the bank’s aggressive advertisements may have influenced their decision.

About Spire Research and Consulting

Spire Research and Consulting is Asia’s leading strategic market intelligence consultancy. Spire’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to deliver to its clients actionable intelligence on the external business environment in support of their strategic decision-making in marketing and business development. Spire is one of the few companies in its industry to be headquartered in Asia. Spire’s clients include over 20 Fortune 500 organizations as well as Government agencies in nine countries. For more information, visit us at www.spireresearch.com.

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