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Paper use on the rise in the workplace here

2 June 2007
The Straits Times 

Paper use on the rise in the workplace here

The dawn of the IT age has done little to reverse the trend of paper usage in Singapore-based offices, reports an article in the Business Times on 2 Jun 07 (pg 13). This comes from findings in the recent survey on paper consumption in Singapore, conducted by Spire.

The telephone survey covered 100 companies in April this year. Eight in ten companies do not cut back on their printouts and 43 firms actually use more paper than in 2005 when the last survey was done.

“It’s a psychological thing,” say Spire’s Group Managing Director, Mr Leon Perera. 
“People still like reading words on paper.” 

However, more companies than in the previous survey are also doing their bit to reduce and recycle, a 50 percent jump.

Mr Leon Perera also expressed his view that people’s love affair with paper can continue, if only they invest in recycled paper or paper produced with sustainable methods. He said: “Recycled paper may cost a little more, but we are paying for our environment.”


7 June 2007

Local firms’ paper usage up

Instead of going paperless with technology, firms here buck the trend. The article from Today on 7 June 07 (pg 6) discusses the recent survey of 100 companies in Singapore conducted by Spire.

43 respondents saw an increase in paper consumption in the past year, while only 18 noticed a decrease. There was one improvement however: while 88 percent of the respondents in 2005 had no guidelines for paper conservation, the number has dropped to slightly over 60 percent this year.

While consumption has not fallen significantly, recycling is taking place in more companies. Three quarters now send their waste paper for recycling, up from less than 20 percent two years ago.

Administration and human resource departments used the most paper and workers from construction, logistics and manufacturing averaged one and a half reams of paper a year.

Despite the trend, Singapore consumes the lowest amount of paper per capita, compared to other developed countries in the region such as New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Australia.


Lianhe Zaobao
7 June 2007

Increase in paper usage for close to half of local companies

The article from Lianhe Zaobao (pg 9) summarizes Spire’s report on the rise in paper usage among local firms.
43 percent of the respondents reported a rise in paper usage. Although the number is high, it is a positive change from the 51 percent recorded two years ago.

The paper usage in the construction, transport, and logistics and manufacturing industry was the greatest, while staff in the administration and human resource departments used the most paper, with each staff using an average of one-anda-half reams per year.

Spire observed that in terms of paper saving, multi-national companies benefited more due to the economies of scale, while the small and medium enterprises lacked the relevant resources.

Currently, the paper consumption per capita in Singapore is the lowest among the more developed countries in Asia, ranked behind Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

While reduction is slow, Singapore companies are working hard on recycling papers – more than 70 percent of interviewed companies send their waster paper for recycling.

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