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Rapid growth of digital transportation in Indonesia

Indonesia will be seeing a rapid growth in digital transportation. More efficient and practical services like orders and payments will be provided to the community by the conventional transportation industry.

Singapore’s plans for digitalisation

Singapore moves towards a digitally secure, economically vibrant, and socially stable future with digital initiatives aimed at businesses and its people.

Industries escalate war against hackers

From banks and cryptocurrency exchanges to e-commerce giants, logistics and even the news media, hackers and data thieves are hitting industries hard. Forecasts suggest that by 2025, cybercrime will rack up a toll of US$10.5 trillion annually.

Pandemic will drive AI, biotech in 2022

The technology industry, which like many others, has been hit and has had to adapt to the evolving pandemic. AI is one of the factors that will help drive breakthroughs and bring more products and services to market faster.



While the announcement of the Australia-UK-USA (AUKUS) defence agreement in the Indo-Pacific was hailed by security experts as a game changer, many companies have wondered how this affects their business in the region, if at all.

Covid-19 Pandemic and Indonesia’s Pivot to Teleconferencing

With over 171 million Internet users, Indonesia is the largest and fastest-growing digital economy in Asia. Indonesia’s digital economy is projected to swell to US$ 133 billion by 2025. And teleconferencing technology adoption in the country is relatively high when compared to its fellow developing peers in ASEAN.

Digital Banking Trends: A Transformation in a Pandemic Era

In TechnoBusiness, Spire consultant Eka Rivia Sakti shares his views on the latest digital banking trends in Indonesia, alongside the arising risks and opportunities. Despite promising developments in Indonesia’s adoption of digital financial solutions, much work is needed to develop supervisory frameworks to mitigate the privacy risks that come with increased digitisation.


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