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The internet of things is extending to the most mundane items, like cups and toothbrushes.

The much-vaunted internet of things is starting to take flight. Vendors are planning a network of “caring objects” created to assist and protect people in their daily lives. With the availability of cheaper and more efficient wireless connectivity chips, a whole range of objects can be easily connected – ranging from toothbrushes to bike locks.

The rise of cloud storage means that more consumers will have room for all the data created by this network. Precise geo-locations will also be made possible through improved smartphone technologies that track consumers’ physical locations.

For instance, one can install in one’s plastic cup a China mobile app, Cuptime, that connects to a cellphone wirelessly; allowing consumers to monitor their water intake.

This will eventually open up new opportunities for innovations that change the way we live. Are we ready for caring objects to take over our lives?

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