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Drones are delivering medicine in Africa
Nigeria has entered the AFCFTA African free trade agreement, increasin...
IT investments to pour into India’s healthcare sector
The European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) is set to open...
Deploying Industry 4.0 technology to mitigate climate change
Deploying Industry 4.0 technology to mitigate climate change
Will cost-effective compost rejuvenate African agriculture
Will compost turn out to be the magic mineral for African agriculture?

Augmented reality technology to change surgical procedures?

Augmented reality (AR) technology is about to change the dynamics of the user experience.

Google Glass is now providing a technology with a new telepresence system, which permits two surgeons to cooperate on an operation together, regardless of location. The University of Alabama’s surgical team has performed the first AR surgery using an AR system called VIPAAR, in collaboration with Google Glass. This system allows surgeons to discuss and interact during a surgical procedure in real-time; enabling the remote surgeon to be “hands-on” during the procedure.

Moreover, this technology is sprawling across various platforms. QR code-enabled children’s books contain hidden videos and internet-operated “pop up images” reinforcing the story. The holographic nature of the technology allows board games, sandboxes and even roller coasters to come to life!

Could AR technology truly transform the user experience of the future?

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