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CPTPP signed by eleven Asis Pacific countries
CPTPP signed by eleven Asia Pacific countries
Fancy a rise across Norway's underwater floating tunnel
Fancy a ride across Norway’s underwater floating tunnel?
Microsoft supports Asia's renewable energy industry
Microsoft supports Asia’s renewable energy industry
As Sri Lanka's population ages, the insurance market booms
As Sri Lanka’s population ages, the insurance market booms
Africa's aviation sector opens up
Africa’s aviation sector opens up
Amazon enters the healthcare sector
Amazon enters the healthcare sector

Real time vision for the visually impaired

What if the visually impaired could actually ‘see’ their surroundings?

Aira, a San Diego-based company, has developed smart glasses equipped with a camera which sends live video stream to a remote agent who then narrates what they see in real time over the phone for the visually impaired user.

Just like an audio description of life, the visually impaired can now hope to experience life around in all its sensory glory.

Can smart technology unlock visual sensory experiences for the visually impaired?

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