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Oil-free home cooking through air fryers

How would you like to eat delicious fried food which contains less oil, calories and cholesterol? Oil-free air fryers offer this prospect – and are taking the cook-ware market by storm.

For instance, Royal Philips – a consumer electronics company –launched the Philips Air fryer in 2012. It is an innovative kitchen appliance that enables consumers to prepare a variety of meals in a healthier way. It is now available in more than 100 countries. Moreover, it accounts for almost 50% of the global market for ‘light’ fryers – which confirms it as the number one low-fat fryer brand.

The latest innovation in this field is the eco-stove. The stove operates on an internal air system that heats up the rocks to provide heat for cooking. It works by rapid circulation of hot air around the food – cooking it in a similar fashion to oil. At the same time, the solar panels charge up and provide more heat for the stove.

Many companies are now venturing into this product category. For instance, Envirofit – a U.S. eco-stove manufacturer – was established in 2003, specializing in eco-friendly products. They launched their first eco-stove in 2008 and are now working to expand their product line.

Apart from cooking, these stoves can also be used as a source of light, charge cell phones as well as acting as a steam ironing device. These are available at low price points for people to purchase and use.

Will the growing revolution in cookware appliances bring healthy home cooking into every home?

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