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Walmart nails deal with Flipkart
Walmart nails deal with Flipkart
Meteor showers on demand in Japan
Meteor showers on demand in Japan
CPTPP signed by eleven Asis Pacific countries
CPTPP signed by eleven Asia Pacific countries
Fancy a rise across Norway's underwater floating tunnel
Fancy a ride across Norway’s underwater floating tunnel?
Microsoft supports Asia's renewable energy industry
Microsoft supports Asia’s renewable energy industry
As Sri Lanka's population ages, the insurance market booms
As Sri Lanka’s population ages, the insurance market booms

Nigeria’s booming wedding industry

Weddings are becoming increasingly extravagant in Nigeria.

In Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous city, around USD17 million was spent on parties over a 5-month period in 2013 alone – with one fifth of the sum on weddings! Consumer expenditures in the Nigerian economy amounted to USD160.9 billion in 2012 – a figure expected to surpass USD300 billion in the next 5 years. A significant slice of this expenditure went to weddings and festivities. Over 8,000 visitors attended a wedding trade fair in Abuja in October 2012; featuring 105 wedding vendors from Nigeria.

This trend is primarily driven by young Nigerians who have been living abroad. They have incorporated new, international wedding themes into their big day, along with the novel concept of hiring a wedding planner. From elaborate décor to flying in make-up artists from abroad – Nigerian couples are bent on that fairy-tale wedding.

How far will Nigerian couples go to make their Big Day a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

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