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Walmart nails deal with Flipkart
Walmart nails deal with Flipkart
Meteor showers on demand in Japan
Meteor showers on demand in Japan
CPTPP signed by eleven Asis Pacific countries
CPTPP signed by eleven Asia Pacific countries
Fancy a rise across Norway's underwater floating tunnel
Fancy a ride across Norway’s underwater floating tunnel?
Microsoft supports Asia's renewable energy industry
Microsoft supports Asia’s renewable energy industry
As Sri Lanka's population ages, the insurance market booms
As Sri Lanka’s population ages, the insurance market booms

New transport systems in Asian cities to curb traffic congestion

Traffic congestion in densely population Asian cities is nothing new. To address this growing menace, emerging Asian economies continue to invest heavily in new transport infrastructure in cities like Jakarta, Manila and Ho Chi Minh City.

For instance, Manila suffered annual economic losses of USD18 million due to road congestion.

According to a recent study, Southeast Asian emerging states under the Association of Southeast Asian Nations – excluding Laos, Brunei and Singapore – need an investment of USD147 billion each year in infrastructure through 2020 to maintain growth momentum.

Will new infrastructure and traffic management technology address traffic congestion in emerging Asian economies?

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