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CPTPP signed by eleven Asis Pacific countries
CPTPP signed by eleven Asia Pacific countries
Fancy a rise across Norway's underwater floating tunnel
Fancy a ride across Norway’s underwater floating tunnel?
Microsoft supports Asia's renewable energy industry
As Sri Lanka's population ages, the insurance market booms
As Sri Lanka’s population ages, the insurance market booms
Africa's aviation sector opens up
Africa’s aviation sector opens up
Amazon enters the healthcare sector
Amazon enters the healthcare sector

Microsoft supports Asia’s renewable energy industry

Microsoft has signed its first solar power agreement with Atria Power in India to purchase 3 megawatts (MW) of solar-powered electricity at its new office in Bangalore, India.

This ensures that 80% of the building’s projected electricity requirement is met but through supporting the local clean energy industry.

Encouraging initiatives like this will help India fulfil its Paris Agreement obligations to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The deal comes a week after the announcement of another deal in Singapore for a 60 MW solar project.

Has Asia’s renewable energy sector hit a tipping point?

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