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Deploying Industry 4.0 technology to mitigate climate change
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Google sets up shop in Africa’s music market

Africa is becoming a new growth market for Google with Android-enabled devices – it launched services for Google Play Music in South Africa in December 2015 to enter the fiercely competitive market for on-demand music streaming services. Interestingly, Apple Music is already present since its launch in June 2015.

This means users will have unlimited access to a variety of music – spanning international and local artistes. For early subscribers, the monthly cost will be USD3.50 until January 26, 2016.

As South Africa boasts to be the most advanced digital media market in sub Saharan Africa, the availability of such streaming services signifies the market opportunity of mobiles in Africa – particularly those users with smartphones.

Will Google manage to capture Africa’s digital media market despite fierce competition?

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