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Nigeria has entered the AFCFTA African free trade agreement, increasin...
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The European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) is set to open...
Deploying Industry 4.0 technology to mitigate climate change
Deploying Industry 4.0 technology to mitigate climate change
Will cost-effective compost rejuvenate African agriculture
Will compost turn out to be the magic mineral for African agriculture?

Asian consumers embrace local brands

With growing regional integration and rising incomes, more Asian consumers are choosing Asian brands against foreign brands.

Xiaomi, an Asian brand, outsold Apple in China in 2014 for the first time. Brunei based brand – Brunei Halal – recently opened stores in Malaysia targeting its Muslim population. The Indian government’s knowledge website initiative – known as Vikaspedia and offering content in 22 different local languages – is gaining ground. Taobao, Air Asia, Alipay, Huawei, Siam Cement, San Miguel, Tiger Beer and Indofood are other Asian brands that are on the march. They all hail from countries other than Japan, Korea and Taiwan, the traditional sources of Asian brands.

Will more Asian brands take the leap to become global brands as the top Japanese and Korean brands have become?

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