Spire's six most recent Spirethoughts.

Soybeans set to reap from global health movement
Global disruption of PPE supply chain
Demand for Masks is 10x production capacity
Asia’s demand for Air Purifiers increases as air quality worsens
APAC Silver Tsunami: Ageing Market worth US$4.56 trillion by 2025
Asian Flavours gain popularity

Artificial intelligence makes its mark!

The market for artificial intelligence is growing at a steady clip. The recent acquisition of the artificial intelligence start-up, DeepMind by Google for a reported USD400 million signals the commercial arrival of this technology. Moreover, with the global market for artificial intelligence valued at USD900 million in 2013, and with its proven ability to reduce manual processes, there is a possibility that it may eliminate many U.S. jobs. But if previous waves of technological transformation in human history are anything to go by, the resources this unleashes will go to creating new industries, markets and jobs.

Will artificial intelligence put human beings out of work?

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